National Debt Relief


  • Unsecured Debt
  • Credit Card Debit
  • Gas Cards
  • Credit Union credit cards
  • Medical Bills; Smaller amounts ok if with smaller billing company
  • Repossessed Car Loans: Deficiency balance required
  • Utility Bills: Outside collection only
  • Cell Phone: In-house and outside collection ok
  • Business Credit Cards: Need business waiver signed
  • Time Shares: (Mortgage late charges still accrue)
  • Minimum of $10,000 in total debt per enrollment


  • Any total debt under $10,000
  • Utility Bills-not held with an outside collection agency
  • Jewelry & furniture (see above disclosure)
  • Secured Loans, i.e. car, home equity line, boats, ATV, motorcycles, etc.
  • Government Loans, i.e. federally tied personal or student loans
  • U.S. Military loans/credit linked to military (i.e. Military Star, Navy FCU) possibly linked to pensions, and/or retirement
  • Operating business loans-needs waiver
  • Student loans (Federal)

Our Mission

National Debt Relief LLC’s (NDR) mission is to provide clients, enrolled in our debt settlement program, a Fresh Start, by helping them attain financial peace of mind. Our Debt Specialists strive to resolve our client’s unsecured debt issues that negatively affect their lives. At NDR, every client is as important as the next, which is why we customize plans for each client’s specific needs. Please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation and discover how the NDR difference can grant you a Fresh Start. Toll Free at: 877-332-8144

What Differentiates us From the Rest

  • National Debt Relief is a proud affiliate of the largest Debt Resolution Law Firm in the Country, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution (LHDR).
  • Once you’re enrolled, attorney letters of representation go out to your creditors instructing them to send all calls to us, not you.
  • Most of our competitors collect 100% of their fees in the first 9-12 months.
  • The trust account is in YOUR name and is held in a FDIC insured trust account.
  • Your trust account can NOT be garnished by judgements
  • You are not locked into a contract. If you decide to drop out of the program at any time, all of the money that is in your escrow account goes directly to you. There are no “early termination fees” that many of our competitors employ,
  • Past and future late penalties and interest are utilized in our negotiations. When factoring this in, savings exceed estimated savings quoted. In fact, when taking into account these extra savings in a typical four (4) year program, you are actual saving 100% of what you otherwise would owe.